There's a darkness yet spiritual movement that lies deep in the heart of the city and with the help of this link, I'll be able to share a great deal of it with you.

Greetings from Chicago Street Art

Greetings from Chicago Street Art
The best Chicago mural greets you on Milwaukee Ave in Bucktown

Chicago Murals on the Wabash Corridor

Chicago mural Birds on Wabash Corridor

Fanciful, magical birds on the Wabash Corridor

Three Neighborhoods for Chicago Murals

You can find most of the Chicago murals located in three distinct neighborhoods: the South Loop (on Wabash), Milwaukee Ave (from Wicker Park to Logan Square) and Pilsen. Street art in Chicago, like the city itself, is very political. The large works on Wabash were a result of a very deliberative public art project. The pieces in Pilsen began as a cultural touchstone and are a bulwark against gentrification. Wicker park street art began with the hip hop culture and the works have sneaked onto all sorts of hidden corners.
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